Top 9 books to read after Harry Potter

1. Percy Jackson is at the top of the list, but not by much. This is a wonderful upper middle grade fantasy about a boy who discovers he’s half-god–descended from the ancient Greek gods themselves.



2. This was written by the same author as Percy Jackson. Rick Riordan knows what he’s doing. This story follows the adventures of the god Apollo.

3. Somewhat high on the list due to its recent release. Nevermoor is an interesting tale about Morrigan Crow, a cursed girl. A lot of similarities to Harry Potter, mostly in a good way.


4. A child who is also a criminal mastermind that hunts fairies and wants to deprive them of their gold.

5. Simple prose, beautiful world, amazing concept. This is jurassic park with magical creatures.

6. This book is for slightly older audiences, but I enjoyed the humorous, absurd world building. Less plot focused, and the characters aren’t readily relatable.

7. By the author of Fablehaven. Another wonderful Seth and Kendra adventure, this time in the Dragon Sanctuaries.

8. The Bartimaeus stories by Jonathan Stroud are equal parts funny and wonderfully written. The characters can be a bit dull, but that’s only because the main character–Bartimaeus shines so brightly. One of the single most entertaining voices and characters in all of fantasy.

9. The best of them all. Though I might be a bit biased. Theft of Sapphire follows the story of Judah and his family. They are members of one of the four clans of genies who live in an underground mind, surrounded by a forest full of monsters, mysteries and treasure.

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