Starting the Secret Seven

I’ve finished the first three books in the Horrendous series and am waiting on edits. Now, I’m about 21,000 words into The Secret Seven book 1. I’m planning on writing three books to start, then continuing the series if the interest remains. If not, I’ll conclude it by book 4 or 5. I’m getting ready for the launch of my novels–pending some delayed cover art, and am excited to start.

Already, I have 4 books ready for publication and two more on the way. I plan on writing at least one book a month for the duration of this year. It helps that I already have the stories and worlds built in my mind, but it will still be a daunting task, especially since I’ll be working while doing it; but this is what I love, and the feedback I keep getting is encouraging, so I’m going to keep cracking.

Thanks for everyone who reads my books. If I don’t post here as often, I apologize, but it means that I’m hard at work on anther novel. Every word spent here, is one that could have been spent on my books. Hopefully, I’ll eventually be able to post here more often.

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