How to launch your first book

Hey all, figured this might be encouraging for other newbies like me. I'm not a newbie to writing, but I am a beginner in publishing. I will say, people like Chris Fox and Sever Bronny have been super approachable and helpful throughout all this. Both those guys are/used to be kboarders--that community is full of [...]

Top 9 books to read after Harry Potter

1. Percy Jackson is at the top of the list, but not by much. This is a wonderful upper middle grade fantasy about a boy who discovers he's half-god--descended from the ancient Greek gods themselves.       2. This was written by the same author as Percy Jackson. Rick Riordan knows what he's doing. [...]

Starting the Secret Seven

I've finished the first three books in the Horrendous series and am waiting on edits. Now, I'm about 21,000 words into The Secret Seven book 1. I'm planning on writing three books to start, then continuing the series if the interest remains. If not, I'll conclude it by book 4 or 5. I'm getting ready [...]

Finished Book 3 Draft 1

Woot! I'm officially finished with all three first drafts for the first three books of the Horrendous series. I've recently been also working on an episodic over on reddit, which has been a lot of fun, but also has really taken up a lot of my time. Yesterday, I wrote a combined word count of [...]

Update: Word count goals

Hey all, So I'm still hard at work on the books, and I've also been enjoying my time over on r/writingprompts on reddit. It's a fun community where you're able to create writing prompts or write your own in response to other users. It's reddit, so sometimes people can be a bit harsh, but overall [...]

Writing Rules Ruin My Books

The more writing books you read, lectures you attend, and authors you talk to, the more ways you discover to complete the magical journey known as 'noveling.' (It's a word.) One thing new writers tend to come up against, however, is the sheer amount of rules there are in the craft. The more rules there [...]